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We would like to encourage entities interested in the implementation of the technologies offered by the IGTP to contact us. All the technologies listed below are currently available for transfer. We are open to diverse possible ways of commercialization as: License Agreement, Co-Development of the project or its further development in the Spin-Off company. To learn more about our technologies click on the desired technology and use the green ask a technology manager button located inside each technology.

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Biological Sciences

  • Topical composition for the treatment of mucosal lesions

    Background Colonoscopic procedures have become an standard practice worldwide since colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease are becoming prevalent disorders. These techniques have true advantages over surgery but can induce ...

  • Innovative device for electro-mechanical stimulation for tissue engineering applications

    Description of the technology Cardiovascular diseases have a huge impact on population health. Heart failure is the end-stage of many cardiovascular diseases, but the leading cause is the presence of a large scare due to an acute my ...

  • Diagnostic biomarkers for dementia with Lewy Bodies

    Background Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) belongs together with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to the group of Lewy body diseases and is after Alzheimer disease (AD) the second cause of dementia. Within this spectrum DLB shows ...

  • Apotransferrin to treat stroke

    Description of the technology The invention relates to the use of intravenous apotransferrin to prevent damage induced by permanent and also transient ischemic stroke. Moreover, we hold and International Patent Application (PCT) pro ...

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